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Low Cost TOF-SIMS.

Low cost TOF-SIMS1
IFOS, Germany

SIMS instrumentation is notoriously expensive, and a full TOF-SIMS system from other commercial manufacturers can easily cost >$1 million. In this project Kore supplied a large number of components to IFOS at the University of Kaiserslautern, to permit them to assemble an imaging TOF-SIMS at a ‘sensible’ cost.


The Kore components included:

  • Main analytical chamber (‘bell jar’ style)
  • Load lock chamber and magnetically coupled introduction arm
  • UHV High stability X, Y, Z stage (manual)
  • Sample holders to permit back mounting of four samples
  • Variable magnification SIMS extraction optics
  • An R-500 reflectron
  • Flight tube
  • 40mm diameter dual channelplate detector (DMCP)
  • High voltage power supplies
  • TOF-MS Logic Controller
  • TOF-MS Voltage Controller
  • Spectrometer controller
  • Time to Digital Converter (TDC)
  • PC with mass spectral and imaging software
Low cost TOF-SIMS 2
Low cost TOF-SIMS 3

Kore Technology is a centre of excellence in time-of-flight mass spectrometer technology and has a very strong R&D capability in terms of its personnel, all of whom have been heavily involved in a variety of analytical instrumentation development programmes.


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