Kore Technology
Service & Support

Supporting your Kore products.


Over the years we have accumulated a great deal of experience in designing, building, commissioning and repairing instrumentation of the sort depicted elsewhere on this website.


We have also assisted many clients with a wide variety of issues. Sometimes this has been debugging problems that have developed with age, or after minor accidents with the environment (at least one flood!), the vacuum, or samples. We know sometimes things go wrong, so all our instruments come with substantial warranties to guarantee our outstanding workmanship.


Our instruments aren’t simple – that means we can get a lot of questions! Often the questions concern optimisation for a particular measurement. Sometimes we advise on integration of other equipment, or on data processing.


Amidst this wide variety there are specific questions and general themes that reappear at regular intervals. Our aim is to answer our more frequently answered questions here in this section, so you feel as equipped as possible to get the most out of your instrument.


Whenever we supply you an instrument, we provide support. Depending on the level of instrument you have chosen, we offer a number of hours of free, technical support in whatever format suits you; be it phone, email, video chat, or something else.


After that, we are happy to discuss ongoing support packages, and our service engineers are on hand to help you out in person should you need it. We are always keen to help you however we can, as we want our instrument to work as well as it can for you!