The latest news & views from Kore Technology:

Kore exhibits at Microbiology Society Conference 2022 – Norwich

Kore Technology were proud to be a sponsor and exhibitor at the recent "Microbial Cycling of Volatile Organic Compounds" conference organised by the Microbiology Society at the John Innes Centre, University of East Anglia. We brought a PTR 3c instrument to demonstrate the possibilities of real-time VOC sampling to the

HiLASE Centre – Custom TOF-MS

We have recently undertaken a project to design and build a customised time-of-flight mass spectrometer system for research into laser-ablated plumes for the HiLASE Centre in Czech Republic. The project BIATRI of the HiLASE Centre is aimed at exploring novel pathways of matter evolution by excitation of matter with short

COVID-19 Update

During these challenging and unprecedented times, our main priority at Kore remains our customers. We are proud to announce that for now we are continuing business as usual. The safety and well-being of our staff is of the utmost importance, and so most of our staff are working remotely to be

Photonis & Kore Technology

We at Kore Technology are delighted to announce the strengthening of our relationship with Photonis Scientific Inc. Moving forward, we will be the sole distributors for non OEM customers in the UK looking to purchase products for Charged Particle Detection.

Spotlight: PTR 3c

Kore Technology are excited to present our latest development: a fully transportable PTR-TOF-MS, the PTR 3c. The Compact PTR 3c is a new soft chemical ionisation tool for sensitive analysis of VOCs in ambient air. Using soft chemical ionisation, the time of flight

CAEPI Delegation Visit

In September 2019, Kore were delighted to welcome a delegation from the China Association of Environmental Protection Industry to visit our company. The delegation was made up of 22 people representing a series of environmental associations within China.

Beijing SDL and Kore

SDL and Kore

The Chinese company, Beijing SDL Technology Co Ltd., is a leading supplier of environmental monitoring and analysis products in China, and has recently sought to add mass spectrometry products and expertise to its already impressive portfolio.

Aircraft-ready PTR-TOF-MS

We received an order in late 2012 from the University of Paris-East, France for PTR-TOF-MS instrumentation that could be used in the laboratory as well as flown on research aircraft for airborne studies. This instrumentation will be used in their research on the chemistry of atmospheric secondary organic aerosol (SOA). SOA