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Our exciting range of products designed for clients in industry and academia includes the Kore EI-TOF-MS, the Kore PTR-MS and TOF-SIMS instruments. We are proud distributors of Photonis and APTech products, and licensed resellers of NIST and GRAMS/AI™.


Kore Technology has always aimed to provide the highest quality instruments at an affordable cost. We design, build and test all our TOF-MS instruments and components in-house, keeping the cost as low as possible for our client.


Kore TOF-MS instruments are used in both industry and research. Applications include real-time VOC analysis using the PTR-MS, surface analysis using our range of TOF-SIMS instruments, and on-site research using our range of portable mass spectrometers.


Our most compact and affordable PTR-MS, offering a sensitivity of over 200cps/ppb benzene, a resolution of over 3000 FWHM and a 10ppt detection limit.

square ptr3c

Our high resolution PTR-MS, offering a sensitivity of over 200cps/ppb benzene, a resolution of over 5000 FWHM and a 10ppt detection limit.

square ptr2e
EI-TOF-MS – MS-200

Mass spectrometer in a suitcase! Our truly portable, batter powered mass spectrometer for analysis in the field.

Portable Time of Flight Mass Spectrometer

A fast, benchtop, versatile electron impact ionisation mass spectrometer with parallel mass detection. Available with capillary or membrane inlet for VOC and inorganic gas analysis.

TOF-SIMS – SurfaceSeer S

The SurfaceSeer-S is designed to be an affordable ‘work horse’ for spectroscopy in both positive and negative TOF-SIMS modes, with a mass resolution of better than 2500.

State of the art precision Time of Flight Mass Spectrometer
TOF-SIMS – SurfaceSeer I

The SurfaceSeer-I is designed to produce chemical maps in both positive and negative TOF-SIMS modes with an analytical spatial resolution of ≤0.5µm and a mass resolution of better than 3000.

SurfaceSeerI square

A high resolution, electron impact mass spectrometer for process gas analysis at atmospheric pressure.

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4GHz Time-to-Digital Converter (TDC)

The Kore 4GHz time-to-digital converter (TDC) is a compact, bench-top timing unit designed to record a fast stream of event times relative to a single start event (at time=0). It performs this task with a timing resolution of 0.25 ns with minimal dead time, high data rates with the ability to repeat the experiment at very high repetition rates.

tdc square

Photonis is the world leader in Time-of-Flight detector technology and offers the highest temporal resolution detectors for both ADC and TDC based systems. Kore is proud to be the UK distributor for Photonis products.


Kore are proud to be an agent of Applied Physics Technologies, Inc. (APTech) since 2004. APTech specializes in thermionic and field emission cathodes and are a specialty producer and supplier of CeBix® cathodes (cerium hexaboride), LaB6 cathodes (lanthanum hexaboride), HfC cathodes (hafnium carbide), CFE and ESE sources.

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Kore is a licensed re-seller of the widely used and highly respected NIST mass spectral library of electron impact (EI) ionisation spectra.