Kore Technology

Industry and Process.

Health & Safety – Suit Contamination

Protective suits are used throughout fire services and industry to protect personnel from exposure to dangerous chemicals during clean-up of spills or general chemical production. A responsible manufacturer of chemical protection suits in the UK approached Kore Technology to learn how the MS-200 could assist their business.

Food – Odour Analysis

The MS-200 can be used as an electronic nose. Its fast response time and high sensitivity are key requirements for this application and were tested on the measurement of coffee, peppermint tea and spoiling food.

Food – Breath analysis

Real-time and high sensitivity VOC analysis capability of PTR-MS is well suited to breath analysis and has been used frequently from academic research to clinical trials. We also used PTR-MS to explore the concentration of flavour compounds in the breath from flavoured gum.

Quality Control – PFC Contamination

Perfluorinated compounds (PFC) are used in semiconductor manufacturing facilities as heat exchange fluids and cleaning agents, but they can also cause problematic contamination. The MS-200 is a high sensitivity portable analytical device that can be used to monitor PFC concentrations or quickly locate leakage in semiconductor FAB plants.

Health & Safety – Passive Smoking

Passive smoking has long been a health concern, including the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted when tobacco is burned. Many of these VOCs are found to be, or are suspected of being carcinogenic. In a unique experiment an MS-200 was taken to measure concentrations of VOCs in a pub where smoking was permitted.