Environment: Atmosphere
Real-time van measurements.


Measuring VOCs whilst driving around towns and cities is imperative for quick and effective mapping of VOC sources, emission zones and plumes. This application was investigated with the Kore Technology PTR 3c, which is equipped with the field measurement kit including active Live-Drive Technology and Instavac systems, allowing measurement 2 minutes from power up.


The Kore Technology PTR 3c is also low power (typically consuming 350-400W during normal operation), enabling the instrument to run for > 1 hour 15 minutes on a single charge of a standard car battery.


Our initial tests centred on a site which was known to store motor oils for reprocessing and disposal and has been noted on emissions inventories as emitting around 0.5 tonnes of benzene/year and 5 tonnes of non-methane VOCs/year1.

The PTR 3c plot Benzene, Toluene and Xylene in real time but can be configured to plot real time concentration of many anthropogenic and biogenic VOCs. The peak concentration of benzene was around 20ppb, showing a significant point source near the 2 different storage tankers that we drove past.


The PTR 3c used in these tests had also been mounted on the Kore Technology field measurement kit, which comprises of 2 custom brackets with large pneumatic wheels for added shock and vibration absorption. These all terrain wheels allow simple movement by a single user and attach to a small winch for easy loading and unloading by a single user.


This data can be used to quickly identify VOC sources, determine VOC plumes and map VOCs concentrations onto maps of a city, urban or polluted area, allowing real-time VOC mapping capability.


  1. UK National Emissions Inventory Interactive Map, accessed on 11/07/19 http://naei.beis.gov.uk/emissionsapp/

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