Kore Technology


Atmosphere – Benzene while refuelling

Benzene exposure to a person or worker while refuelling a vehicle can be a cause of concern, and determining the exact levels of exposure is key. The small size, low weight and portable analysis make the MS-200 an ideal tool for this analysis.

Atmosphere – BTEX in ambient air

The measurement of BTEX in ambient air is often used as a marker for anthropogenic VOC concentrations in urban environments. The PTR 3c is suited to these measurements of ppb levels of VOCs in ambient air.

Atmosphere – VOCs from a landfill site

VOCs originating from landfill sites can be hazardous through the exposure of workers and local communities. The MS-200 is an ideal tool for VOC analysis of landfill sites due to its low weight and portability.

Soil – On-Site VOC Monitoring

In collaboration with Geoprobe, our agents in Taiwan, Green River Tech, added an MS-200 to a Geoprobe system to create an on-site soil contaminant sampling and analysis system for VOCs and soil/water contaminants.

Atmosphere – Real-time Van Measurements

Measuring VOCs in real-time whilst driving around towns and cities is imperative for quick and effective mapping of VOC sources, emission zones and plumes, investigated using the Kore Technology PTR 3c, equipped with the field measurement kit including active Live-Drive Technology and Instavac systems allowing measurement 2 minutes from power up.

Atmosphere – Stationary Van Measurements

The field portability of our instrumentation was a key factor in the design and development of the PTR 3c. In addition to the increased sensitivity (>200cps/ppb benzene) and high mass resolution (>3000 m/δm) from our previous PTR models, the size, weight and power consumption have been reduced to allow easy transport and operation in a small van.