University of Innsbruck – Custom EI-TOF-MS for Physiology experiments

In collaboration with Prof Justin Lawley of the University of Innsbruck, we have customised and manufactured our transportable EI-TOF-MS (Compact EI-TOF-MS | Kore Technology) to provide real-time analysis of breath gases and VOCs during physiology experiments with millisecond delay times and customised analogue data output to 3rd party control and signal processing software.

As this experiment is about the rapidly changing concentrations of gases and VOCs, the TOF-MS is ideally suited to this measurement with the added benefit that Justin and his team are able to identify any unknown gases and VOCs in post-experiment data analysis, something which is not achievable with quadrupole or magnetic sector instruments.

We look forward to seeing the results of these experiments and continuing our positive relationship with Justin and his research group.