Spotlight: PTR 3c

portable ptr-ms

Kore Technology are excited to present our latest development: a fully transportable PTR-TOF-MS, the PTR 3c. The Compact PTR 3c is a new soft chemical ionisation tool for sensitive analysis of VOCs in ambient air. Using soft chemical ionisation, the time of flight mass spectrometer can monitor all masses in parallel, allowing the maximum amount of information to be collected. The Kore PTR 3c has been developed to be transportable and can be taken on-site (mains power required), with full computer control of instrument parameters.

Some of the PTR 3c’s impressive specifications are:

  • Concentration range: 50ppm to ppt levels
  • Sensitivity: >200c/s/ppb VOCs (measured with Benzene)
  • Detection limit: ~30ppt
  • Response time to concentration changes: ~100ms
  • Mass resolution of ~4,000M/δM achievable
  • Mass range: unlimited


Visit our product page to learn more, and check out this application note to see how we took full advantage of the PTR 3c’s transportability.