Kore’s upcoming conferences, 2024


Meet Kore scientists and challenge us to solve your analytical problems! Over the upcoming months, Kore scientists will be attending several conferences and exhibitions. Do come and meet us face-to-face, to discuss your analytical challenges. We’ll do our best to help!


The Joint European Vacuum Conference, European Conference on Surface Science, Vacuum Symposium and RGA User’s Meeting

On 17th to 21st June 2024, we’ll be at the Harrogate Convention Centre for this joint European conference, which provides scientists, researchers and engineers from across Europe, and working in academia, national labs and industry, the opportunity to meet and discuss the latest advances in the physics and chemistry of surfaces, plasma physics, gas dynamics, vacuum metrology and vacuum technologies  as well as their industrial applications.


International Conference on Ion Beam Modification of Materials

On 1st to 5th July 2024, you can find us at Queen Mary University of London, participating in the world’s leading platform for ion beam experts and educators to exchange and report their most recent significant findings in the ion beam community. The scope of the conference ranges from fundamental radiation materials science to industry applications. We expect vibrant interdisciplinary interaction among physicists, chemists, material scientists, engineers, and anybody who is interested in the use of ion beams for surface and material modification in their research and/or industrial application.


International Symposium on Gas Kinetics and Related Phenomena

On 15th to 18th July 2024, Kore scientists will attend the University of Leeds for this Symposium, which provides an open forum for the presentation and discussion of the latest experimental and theoretical research on a wide range of topics related to gas phase chemical kinetics. The Symposium is organised under the auspices of the Gas Kinetics Interest Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry, covering all aspects of atmospheric and combustion chemistry, as well as astrochemistry and planetary atmospheres, with an increasing role for kinetics of heterogeneous and surface chemistry.


Joint Water, Wastewater and Environmental Monitoring (WWEM) and Air Quality and Emissions (AQE) Show

On 9th and 10th October 2024, come and meet us at the NEC, Birmingham. WWEM focuses on instrumentation and services for water and wastewater process monitoring, and AQE focuses on instrumentation and services for air quality and emissions monitoring. This large show offers a technical program to update delegates on the latest trends, regulations, methods, techniques and technologies. We expect to meet suppliers, regulators and end-users who monitor, test and analyse water and air.


With over 30 years at the heart of innovative analysis, we are experts in creating bespoke solutions across a spectrum of applications in vacuum physics, surface analysis and TOF-MS. If you’re attending the above conferences, come and challenge us! We would love to learn about your real-world analytical problems and use our practical and theoretical know-how to create an innovative solution customised for you.


Curious? A quick glance at the product pages of our website will give you a good sense of what we offer.


We look forward to meeting you.