HiLASE Centre – Custom TOF-MS

We have recently undertaken a project to design and build a customised time-of-flight mass spectrometer system for research into laser-ablated plumes for the HiLASE Centre in Czech Republic. The project BIATRI of the HiLASE Centre is aimed at exploring novel pathways of matter evolution by excitation of matter with short and ultra-short laser pulses of moderate intensities. This will permit the design of materials with new and unique properties.

A key diagnostic instrument for the setup was a versatile Kore reflectron time-of-flight spectrometer. Using TOF-MS, laser ablation plumes can be characterised in a number of modes. For this current embodiment, the system will analyse positive and negative ions using a dual microchannel plate (DMCP assembly). The TOF flight tube has been designed to hold an alternative 10kV post-accelerated detector (discrete dynode design), which may be swapped in for positive ions only. The instrument has been designed to operate in multiple ionisation modes for neutral molecules: electron impact ionisation, and laser post-ionization.

We have designed this custom instrument on a separate, transportable bench with table top at the appropriate height to permit the instrument to be brought up to the client’s experiment chamber.

We are excited to continue to work with Professor Bulgakov and the HiLASE Centre and look forward to seeing the results of their research using our Kore Custom TOF-MS instrument.