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Custom PTR

PTR Series 1.

Kore’s original PTR research instrument

The original Series 1 ‘research’ instrument from Kore is still available, and indeed these days now has considerably improved sensitivity. Costs are a little lower than those of the Series 2e and the construction is more accessible. Like the Series 2e, the reactor is enclosed in an oven.


The instrument was designed to work in university and other research laboratories. It has what we call an ‘open architecture’, which allows the instrument to be closely coupled to other client techniques, such as reaction flow tube experiments, special sample desorbers, or a GC column. Special modifications are also possible, such as the addition of an adapter for API sources (PTR/APCI TOF-MS), an increased temperature range on the PTR oven for less volatile analytes, or the addition of a heated inlet pipe. This instrument has been taken on field campaigns, but is not designed for this use.

Mass Rangeunlimited in principle
Mass resolution≥ 1,500 (FWHM)
Response time~50-100ms (replenishment time of the reactor)
SensitivityBenzene in nitrogen >200 cps/ppbv
Detection LimitBenzene <10pptv averaged over one minute
Linearity Range10pptv – 50ppm
Primary beam speciesH3O+
Alternative ion source gas inlet to produce other ionising species now standard
Pulse frequencyTested to 100kHz
Typically operated at 30-50kHz
Inlet gas flow rateUnlimited in principle because we use a flow through system. The instrument samples from this flow through. Typical gas consumption rates are 60 to 300 atmospheric cm3/min (sccm). The flow through system can be closed off if required
Reaction chamber heatingup to 100°C
Power Supply220-240 volts, 1kW
Dimensions120x155x76cm (width, height, depth)
Data acquisition System:Rack-mounted PC or laptop

Kore Technology is a centre of excellence in time-of-flight mass spectrometer technology and has a very strong R&D capability in terms of its personnel, all of whom have been heavily involved in a variety of analytical instrumentation development programmes.


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