SDL and Kore

The Chinese company, Beijing SDL Technology Co Ltd., is a leading supplier of environmental monitoring and analysis products in China, and has recently sought to add mass spectrometry products and expertise to its already impressive portfolio. Consequently, we are pleased to announce that SDL has now acquired a majority shareholding in Kore.

SDL will sell and support Kore’s mass spectrometer products in China alongside their extensive range of environmental and process analysers, with Kore continuing to manufacture, sell and support our products in the rest of the world.

As part of this new cooperation, Kore will establish an R&D centre for mass spectrometry at our premises in the UK to support SDL’s future needs. Kore has never been a ‘one-technique’ company, and over the years has designed and manufactured instruments based on multiple techniques. Therefore, the R&D centre will be continue in the development of all aspects of mass spectrometry instrumentation, from software through to ion sources, mass analysers and detector systems. In addition, SDL will establish an applications centre for Kore mass spectrometry products at its premises in China to provide its renowned technical support to Chinese mass spectrometer customers.

We have already been commissioned by SDL to design some new and exciting mass spectrometer products, and we will be announcing these soon.