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If you are interested in applying for this position please contact vacancy@kore.co.uk with an up-to-date CV and a letter describing why you are suitable for the post.

A note regarding Recruitment Agencies

If you are interested in one of these posts, please contact Kore directly, if you are able. If you have given your details to a Recruitment Agency, they may contact us on your behalf, but typically they will not tell us your name without demanding that we sign up to a contract that requires us to give them several thousand pounds in the event that we employ you. For this reason, we are liable to give significant preference to those candidates who have had the initiative to find and contact us directly.

Kore Technology Ltd

We are a small, well-established UK company based in Ely, just north of Cambridge. We design and build vacuum-physics based instrumentation, primarily based on mass spectrometers, and particularly time-of-flight spectrometers. Our customers are mostly involved in research and environmental analysis, in Europe, Asia and elsewhere in the world.

We work at the cutting edge of analytical chemistry, facilitating groundbreaking research in a wide variety of research areas such as atmospheric chemistry, medical breath analysis, manufacturing quality control, materials science and high energy physics. Our projects have included counting single atoms, creating chemical images of sample surfaces, helping analyse the solar wind, and looking for liver disease markers in human breath, to name but a few (see www.kore.co.uk).

We have been very busy in recent times, especially in Asia. This has prompted a much larger Chinese instrumentation company to make a major investment in Kore, which means we now expect an exciting period of relatively rapid expansion. We are now looking for an experienced electronic engineer and a commissioning/installation engineer/physicist to join our team on a permanent basis.

Kore offers an exciting and interesting place to work. We offer a small company atmosphere where anyone can make a real difference and have an opportunity to extend themselves into new areas, both technical and in terms of their role within the company. Our clients are generally diverse, interesting and intelligent people with worthwhile problems to address.

Electronic engineer

Main activities

Design of electronics to power Kore's range of mass spectrometers and to provide general electronics support to colleagues. This involves a mixture of analogue and digital circuits. Analogue circuits include manipulation of high stability, high voltages, typically to 5kV dc and high speed circuits e.g. 350V extraction pulse edge in 10ns. Digital circuits include simple timing, small microcontrollers, ADC DAC monitor control. Some designs are made in very small numbers for bespoke instruments and therefore require ingenuity to bend standard hardware to our special purposes at minimum development cost. Many requirements are a little out of the ordinary, for example a very high bandwidth pre-amplifier where the user can easily change ICs after blowing them up.

In developing such hardware you may be called upon to do your own prototyping, consider both one-off and batch production issues, and you should be able to prepare documentation for internal and external purposes: test procedures, circuit descriptions for debug, manuals etc

Supplementary activities

In a small company, in exciting times, you may be called upon to do anything else within your powers, as required. For example write firmware for microcontrollers, get involved in commissioning of instruments, possibly do installation of electrical upgrades on-site.

Capabilities required

Additional advantages


Appropriate to qualifications and experience.


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