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If you are interested in applying for this position please contact vacancy@kore.co.uk with an up-to-date CV and a letter describing why you are suitable for the post.

Kore Technology Ltd

We are a small, well-established UK company based in Ely, just north of Cambridge. We design and build vacuum-physics based instrumentation, primarily based on mass spectrometers, and particularly time-of-flight spectrometers. Our customers are mostly involved in research and environmental analysis, in Europe, Asia and elsewhere in the world.

We work at the cutting edge of analytical chemistry, facilitating groundbreaking research in a wide variety of research areas such as atmospheric chemistry, medical breath analysis, manufacturing quality control, materials science and high energy physics. Our projects have included counting single atoms, creating chemical images of sample surfaces, helping analyse the solar wind, and looking for liver disease markers in human breath, to name but a few (see www.kore.co.uk).

Kore has now partnered with a large Asian company that specialises in environmental monitoring, and as a result of this partnership our business focus is changing. Consequently, we are now looking for someone to join this team of enthusiastic engineers to help develop the business by understanding these new market opportunities, and by directing our business development towards increased growth in these areas


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