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When The Instrument You Want Doesn't Exist: Kore's Analytical Instrument Design Philosophy

When the instrument you want doesn't exist it can be made for you without breaking the bank. This is precisely what Kore has been doing for over two decades now - inventing, building and delivering "Designed For Research" analytical instrumentation at a competitive cost, and typically within a period of 5-8 months.

Many of the big analytical instrument companies now make TOF-based instruments for large markets such as MALDI-TOF and GC-MS. These instruments are designed to satisfy specific analytical requirements, and are undoubtedly good instruments for those purposes. However, when standard instrumentation will not do what a researcher wants, there are very few instrument companies that will consider designing and assembling an instrument at a sensible cost.

When this occurred in the past, the only choice for a research group was to undertake novel instrument development for themselves. This is appropriate in a university when an essential part of the Ph.D. training is in instrument design. However, when a researcher in (say) chemistry is simply trying to harness a new analytical technique to make progress in their research, few research groups have the luxury of taking several years to develop such facilities. Researchers both in universities and industry are now looking for ways to reduce the time it takes to start making measurements so that research can begin.

Most people naturally assume that such research instrumentation will be very expensive compared to related, 'off the shelf' products, but this is not the case, as explained below.

Configurable Component Strategy

We aim to meet our clients' needs for specialised instrumentation and to do so at a competitive cost. How is this possible? Surely such design greatly increases the cost compared to a mass-produced instrument?

Kore Advantages:

Take a look at the costs of some typical systems; you might be surprised.

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