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Compact PTR Application Note - Field Portable VOC measurements

The field portability of our instrumentation was a key factor in the design and development of the Compact PTR-MS. In addition to the increased sensitivity (>200cps/ppb benzene) and high mass resolution (>3000 m/dm) from our previous PTR models, the size, weight and power consumption have been reduced to allow easy transport and operation in a small van. The Kore Technology Compact PTR-MS and field measurement kit allow for easy loading into a van, quick start (2 minutes to data measurement) and stop procedure for rapid measurements at multiple locations in a few hours.

As part of our extensive prototype testing, we took a Kore Technology compact PTR-MS instrument to several measurement sites across Cambridgeshire, UK.

Photos of Compact PTR working from the back of a small hire van

At the roadside measurement site, we observed real-time VOCs signals from traffic related emissions. As an example, toluene is plotted as a VOC marker for the vehicles driving past the van measurement site. There were three main intervals of cars and trucks passing the van measurement site in the 5-minute measurement with an increase in toluene observed. There were also intervals of several minutes where no vehicles passed the van and the toluene signal reduces to background levels.

Real time toluene data from passing vehicles

At a second measurement site near to a large landfill and waste recycling centre, low levels of a common plasticiser, Di-IsoButyl Phthalate (DIBP) in the ambient air at ~400ppt were able to be quantified against a rural air background measurement site.

Real time toluene data from passing vehicles


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