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The New 'Series II' High Performance Kore PTR-TOFMS

Series II photo

Kore's new PTR-TOF-MS instrument has been re-designed to deliver:

High Sensitivity

The new Series II Kore PTR-TOF-MS features a new and novel PTR reactor with a Kore-designed ion concentrator as part of the reactor. This greatly reduces the ion losses that would normally occur in the reactor owing to a phenomenon known as 'space charge', in which high-density ions repel each other. This novel device channels the ions to the exit of the reactor, resulting in a high current ion beam passing into the next part of the instrument.

This reactor and concentrator is also fitted to the Series I PTR-TOF-MS

High Mass Resolution

The Series II PTR-TOF-MS from Kore features a new spectrometer capable of delivering up to 10,000 mass resolution. For routine operation, the instrument operates at >5,000. The flight path is longer than the series I instrument, resulting in a lower repetition rate (pulse frequency), and this reduces the sensitivity somewhat from the smaller instrument, but with the added advantage of high mass resolution. Nevertheless sensitivity levels are still high even at high mass resolution with Benzene >100 cps/ppbv.

Rugged and Transportable

The Series II PTR-TOF-MS instrument is designed for easy and safe transportation and yet with sufficient mass resolution and sensitivity to satisfy the most demanding applications. It is housed in a purpose-designed vertical rack to permit easy transportation in a standard van. The instrument is 'floated' inside the frame so that it is 'cushioned' during transportation.

PREFICS accessory

Now available as an accessory: Pre concentrator with Fast Integrated Chromatographic Separation.

The fast thermal swab desorber that is one of three sample inlet systems that we have developed for PREFICS® is also available as a separate interface for our PTR-TOF-MS instruments for sensitive detection of semi-volatiles².

Price details

If you wish to buy a PTR-TOF-MS please contact Kore by email ( sales@kore.co.uk) or via the Enquiry form for the latest prices.


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