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The Original 'Series I' Kore PTR-TOF-MS

Series I photo

The original Series I 'research' instrument from Kore is still available, and indeed in 2011 now has considerably improved sensitivity. Costs are a little lower than those of the Series II and the construction is more accessible. LIke the Series II, the reactor is enclosed in an oven.

The Mass resolution ≥ 1,500 (FWHM) and Sensitivity for Benzene >200 cps/ppbv

The instrument was designed to work in university and other research laboratories. It has what we call an 'open architecture', which allows the instrument to be closely coupled to other client techniques, such as reaction flow tube experiments, special sample desorbers, or a GC column. Special modifications are also possible, such as the addition of an adapter for API sources (PTR/APCI TOF-MS), an increased temperature range on the PTR oven for less volatile analytes, or the addition of a heated inlet pipe.

This instrument has been taken on field campaigns, but is not packaged in a 'box'.

PREFICS accessory

Now available as an accessory: Pre concentrator with Fast Integrated Chromatographic Separation.

The fast thermal swab desorber that is one of three sample inlet systems that we have developed for PREFICS is also available as a separate interface for our PTR-TOF-MS instruments for sensitive detection of semi-volatiles.

Price details

If you wish to buy a PTR-TOF-MS please contact Kore by email ( sales@kore.co.uk) or via the Enquiry form for the latest prices.


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