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The New Kore Technology Series 3c Compact PTR-ToF-MS

Compact PTR-TOFMS photo

A transportable chemical ionisation mass spectrometer for applications in industry and academia

In the Box: Fully integrated PTR-MS system comprising a glow discharge ion source and RF ion funnel drift tube, transfer lens system, time of flight mass spectrometer, vacuum pumps, fully computer-controlled instrument and data acquisition system including laptop and software.

The Compact PTR-ToF-MS is a new soft chemical ionisation tool for sensitive analysis of VOCs in ambient air. Using soft chemical ionisation, the time of flight mass spectrometer can monitor all masses in parallel, allowing the maximum amount of information to be collected. The Kore Technology compact PTR-ToF-MS has been developed to be transportable and can be taken on-site (mains power required), with full computer control of instrument parameters.

Applications areas: VOC monitoring (ambient air, product quality control and testing) clean room air quality monitoring, breath analysis, food analysis, homeland security, odour identification (buildings, factories etc), fence line monitoring.

Price details

If you wish to buy a PTR-TOF-MS please contact Kore by email ( sales@kore.co.uk) or via the Enquiry form for the latest prices.


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