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MS-200 Application Note - Perfluorinated compounds


Perfluorinated compounds (PFC) are widely used in semiconductor manufacturing facilities as heat exchange fluids and cleaning agents They are usually considered harmless due to their inert chemical behaviour. However PFCs will cause contamination problems when the facility is a 28nm(or lower) process FAB.

The MS200 is a high sensitivity portable analytical device that can be used to monitor PFC concentrations or quickly locate leakage in a semiconductor FAB plant.

PFC target compounds

Structure schematic

3M ™ Fluorinert ™ Electronic Liquid FC-40 is a clear, colorless, thermally stable, fully- fluorinated liquid intended for use in single phase heat transfer applications in the semiconductor manufacturing industry.

Structure schematic

3M ™ Fluorinert ™ Liquid FC-3283 is a non-conductive, thermally and chemically stable liquid also for use in single phase heat transfer applications, especially in the electronics and semiconductor industry for etchers, ion implanters, testers, etc.

Structure schematic

The HT series is a line of dielectric fluids with desirable dielectric properties an high chemical stability, designed for heat transfer in etchers, CVD, PVD and Ion Implanters

Example spectrum

Structure schematic

Example sensitivity

Even after dilution of a 600 ppb FC 40 gas sample to 600 ppt, we can still find the m/z=214 of FC40

Structure schematic

On-site FAB results

MS200 provides outstanding performance in PFC and other VOCs monitoring. Without any gas cylinder needed the MS200 gives an easy portable mass spectrometer to anywhere you want. A 30 seconds analysis time means we can get real time results.

Location site A site B site C site C site D site E site F site G
HT series 18.4 11.3 10.2 11.6 30.6 15.9 22 16.3
FC3283 0 4 3.8 2.8 5.1 0 2 0
PFTBA 0 0 0 0 15.1 0 0 0
FC40 62.1 15.1 28.1 20.6 20.3 35.5 113 53.9
Total amount 80.5 30.4 42.1 35 71.1 51.4 137 70.2


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