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A compact reflectron TOF-MS was designed as part of the Photolysis TOF-MS Project for Dr. Mark Blitz and Professor Mike Pilling at the University of Leeds. Following the success of this project, we now offer the extraction lens, flight tube, reflectron, ion detector and pre-amplifier from this system as a separate add-on TOF-MS, complete with cable set and a single, 19 inch rack power supply.

This compact, add-on system is designed for mass analysis in gas phase laser experiments: a pulse of ions created in the client's vacuum system is extracted and focused by the transfer lens through a differential pumping aperture and into the TOF mass analyser. This differential pumping aperture design allows the laser interaction with the gas of interest to take place at pressures of up to 10-4 mbar, while preserving high vacuum (<10-6 mbar) in the mass spectrometer.

The ion detector used in the system is a discrete dynode electron multiplier detector, and the output from the pre-amplifier is suitable for monitoring with a digital oscilloscope (not provided). With suitable extra hardware, the system can also be configured for ion counting (information on request).

Arrangement drawing

Here is a PDF version of the schematic which allows you to zoom in for easier reading of the detail

The mounting flange in the system shown is a 114 OD CF, and the extraction and transfer lens system is re-entrant into the client chamber to a length of 60mm. This length can be varied from 10 mm through to 80 mm.

For an example of the work that is being done with this apparatus, please click here


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