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Mains Distribution Box

Kore designed this 19" rack unit as very useful addition to an instrument rack when the instrument is required to have a single emergency off button that will shut power instantly to all the various other instrument modules. The unit also has a mains power failsafe, meaning that on power failure, the unit remains off until switched on manually. The mains distribution unit can also be fitted with a bakeout timer and supply, and this is seen below in the front panel graphic of the unit.

Schematic of typical mains distribution box

We have also customised this unit, for instance to close the backing line valves of a diffusion pump system in the event of power failure, to prevent unintentional venting. This unit has front panel, manual 'on' switches for re- opening these valves. This is an example of the customisation that Kore is willing and able to do to provide the correct functionality for an instrument.

Schematic of customised mains distribution box


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