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UHV Sample Introduction Systems


Versatile entry load-lock

Kore supplies UHV sample introduction systems that can be readily interfaced to UHV analytical systems. The sample is transferred mechanically on a tracked mechanism. This is a much more positive mechanism than magnetic transfer systems which can suffer from low torque and the possibility of stray magnetic fields.

Our sample introduction systems can be customised for your particular application but typically they will have a viewing window to check, for example, that there is a sample on the end of the introduction rod, and they will have a gate valve connecting the introduction system to the analysis chamber.


Typically the loading arms are designed with a quick release mechanism that allows the loading arm and sample to be speedily removed once the load lock chamber is vented. In the example shown the sample holder is held in one hand and the other hand is used to turn the end of the introduction rod anti- clockwise. This rotates the sample grip mechanism allowing the sample holder to be slide out of the guide


Similarly sample insertion is also quick. When a new sample is inserted into the sample holder the end of the load arm is just rotated clockwise, and the sample is held firmly in place. The sample introduction assembly is readily inserted back into the load lock chamber and the quick release mechanism that holds it in place tightened. After sliding the introduction arm forward through an open gate valve the black handle is again rotated to release the sample onto the analysis chamber specimen stage before the introduction rod is withdrawn back into the load lock chamber and the gate valve closed.


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