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TOF-MS High Voltage Supplies

These are the high performance, high stability voltage supplies that are required to perform TOF-MS. The stability of the mass peaks in a TOF-MS is dependent upon the stability of the voltages from the basic supplies to the control unit and out to the instrument, and so we specify high-end supplies, with different current capabilities depending upon the usage.

TOF-MS High Voltage Supplies


Where a customer does not require a programmable, general-purpose (transportable) high voltage supply, or where the budget makes constraints, Kore can supply dedicated rack-mounted high performance supply modules. The voltage supply performance is equivalent, but there is no front panel control or external computer control capability. The supplies are dedicated and are therefore less expensive.

If there is only one high voltage supply required, we can fit this into the TOF-MS Voltage Controller, meaning that an instrument can be controlled from a single 3U supply. This would be the case, for instance, in an electron ionisation TOF, where positive ion detection is the only mode, and thus only one polarity (negative voltage) is required throughout the spectrometer.

Where two or more high voltage supplies are required, these are located into a separate, 19" rack-mounted Kore box.

Third Party Supplies (Stanford Research Systems)

Photo of SRS power supply

Where a client would like to have a general, programmable power supply that might (for instance) be useful for other instrumentation, we use SRS power supplies. We regularly buy these supplies in for our instrumentation and fit an SRS-approved modification to allow them to be shut off by a signal from a suitable a vacuum gauge controller. They can be rack-mounted along with other Kore 19" units, or can be free-standing.


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