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TOF-MS Data Acquisition / Processing

Mass Spectral Software for TOF-MS

Kore is currently using the GRAMS/AI software from Thermo Scientific as the 'engine' for manipulating and displaying mass spectral data. Kore uses the GRAMS software with a Kore graphics user interface.

GRAMS AI has many powerful data functions, and a huge range of user-specific tools can be created by the user and placed as icons on the toolbar.

GRAMS/AI's advanced data processing capabilities and its ability to handle all types of spectral and chromatographic data from virtually any analytical instrument set the industry standard in scientific software. The new AI version introduces many improvements including an enhanced user interface and a collection of updated processing routines based on Microsoft's ActiveX technology. ActiveApps™ are available separately and extend the software's capabilities, allowing faster processing and adding flexibility.

An example from the control screen for the portable MS-200 TOF is shown below

Screen shot of MS-200 software

An example of some surface SIMS data acquired using the MS-1000 instrument is shown below

Screen shot of high resolution SIMS data

SIMS Software with Imaging

Currently, for SIMS instrumentation, we offer GRAMS/AI with a Kore imaging module to allow the acquisition of SIMS images as well as surface mass spectra.

A layout block diagram and software specification can be found here.

Below is a composite SIMS image (several fields of view assembled into a larger image) of loose fibres trapped under a hexagonal stainless steel mesh. The data was acquired with the SIMS imaging module on a Kratos TOF SIMS, with the Kore upgrade, by the Laboratory for Surface and Interface Analysis, Department of Engineering Materials group at Sheffield University. They have written their own pallette generator program, which they have been kind enough to make available to other Kore users. In the image below, maps for aluminium (yellow), chromium (blue) and Carbon (pink) have been overlayed. This image demonstrates nicely how the choice of colour scheme can make the data come alive to the eye

Chemical image of fibre sample

We are now also in discussion with Dr. Neal Fairley, the creator of Casa XPS, and we are looking forward to being able to incorporate his new TOF-SIMS software into our instruments when it becomes available later in 2004.


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