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Photonis Microchannelplates and Channeltrons.

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Photonis's Long-life microchannelplates use an exclusive material which has demonstrated superior lifetime characteristics (sustained output up to four times as great as conventional MCPs) in a wide range of detection applications. These MCPs not only offer longer life, but higher gain, enhanced stability and lower dark current than conventional MCPs. The Extended Dynamic Range MCP has the highest dynamic range of any commercially available MCP. Photonis also offers small pore size MCPs for the highest detection sensitivity with the Photonis 2 micron pore MCPs giving the highest spatial resolution commercially available.

Photonis, is the world leader in Time-of-Flight detector technology and offers the highest temporal resolution detectors for both ADC and TDC based systems. A pioneer in developing scientific detector products, the company is recognized as the worldwide leader in electron multiplication technology for its Channeltron® Mass Spectrometer Detectors, Long-Life™ Microchannel Plates and Advanced Performance Detectors.

Kore, as a distributor of Photonis MCPs and Channeltrons, will be pleased to send you technical information for the full range of Photonis Scientific Detector Products as well as furnish you with a quotation for specific MCPs, MCP detection assemblies and Channeltrons. Please email sales@kore.co.uk or use our web form.

Here are some replies to Frequently asked Questions about Photonis MCPs and Channeltrons

Channelplate selection guide

Channeltron selection guide

If you cannot find the detector you require amongst Photonis's range of Scientific Detector Products then Kore will be pleased to quote for a special detector assembly, incorporating Photonis's MCPs or Channeltrons, that satisfies your requirements. Please email sales@kore.co.uk or use our web form.


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