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LaB6/CeBix™ Rebuilding Services

Certain cathode types are very expensive to purchase. Some e-beam lithography systems use a full Vogel mount cathode with a very complicated structure. Some Auger systems require the cathode and grid cap be assembled with very high precision using specialized equipment. As a service to our customers, Aptech refurbishes used cathodes of these types at a fraction of the price of a new cathode. The used cathode or grid cap assembly is first disassembled and all parts that are to be reused are carefully inspected or cleaned. The unit is then reassembled with whatever new parts are necessary. In the case of grid cap assemblies, the cathode tip is properly aligned and the spacing with the cap is adjusted to the original manufacturer's specifications.

Manufacturer System Description LaB6 P/N CeBix P/N
ElectroScan/Philips 2020 Environmental SEM Grid Cap Assembly 95939 95940
XL Environmental SEM Grid Cap Assembly 95941 80101
Etec Lithography Grid Cap Assembly, 60°/60µ 97224 80102
Lithography Grid Cap Assembly, 90°/30µ 97225 80103
JEOL JBX-5D Lithography Vogel Mount Cathode 15615 15853
JBX-5DII Lithography Vogel Mount Cathode 14017 15852
JAMP10 Auger Microprobe Vogel Mount Cathode 11802 15851
LEO/Zeiss SEM Grid Cap Assembly 16141 16494
TEM Grid Cap Assembly 18722 18723
PHI 590 Auger Microprobe Grid Cap Assembly 11817 15854
595 Auger Microprobe Grid Cap Assembly 11824 15855
600, 650 & 660 Auger Microprobe Grid Cap Assembly 11826 15856
610 Auger Microprobe Grid Cap Assembly 12854 15857

CeBix™ - An Aptech Exclusive

Available exclusively from Aptech, CeBix (ultra-high purity cerium hexaboride) is characterized by 30 to 70% longer lifetimes and better contamination resistance. For an additional charge, you may have your cathode rebuilt with a CeBix crystal instead of a LaB6 crystal.

Ordering and further information

To place an order, obtain a quote, or ask a question not answered on this web site please contact Barrie Griffiths at Kore Technology Ltd via email () or other means.


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