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Delivery of Laser Ablation Coating Apparatus To Surrey University

Chamber view

This stand-alone, UHV-capable vacuum instrument with vacuum instrumentation and motor control was designed for the University of Surrey in the U.K., to allow various samples (including 150mm and 200mm wafers) to be coated by material ablated from a target material using a suitable laser. A magnesium fluoride window allows minimum attenuation of the laser beam intensity as it enters the vacuum system. The system has also been designed to permit laser ablation coating to take place in high pressure, specialised gas mixtures. An on-board gas manifold system permits this gas mixing.

Stage view System view

One of the interesting aspects of this instrument is the target stage design, created specially for this project. The target stage rotates and translates under the laser beam such that a spiral set of non-overlapping laser ablation craters is created. This has been implemented to allow maximum use of the target material.

The instrument was delivered in April 2003.


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